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Shoes you and I both need.  ☼

Hello everyone ~  Here is the adorable Lucienne Dream Series coordinate for you  Absolutely elegant and beautiful color ways ! This gorgeous Pearl Headbow is a “must-have” head piece~ It is super light-weight chiffon dress… we love chiffon, don’t we?!?! The matching headbow comes with little bird cage &  the OTK also got amazing bird cage effect  We’ve got more blouses & boleros to go with JSK/skirt~  Check out our website ★(^^♪http://www.angelicpretty-usa.com/shopping/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=228

One Madame Rococo skirt will be for sell at our stall in Hyper Japan Fringe Market F07, come and take it home ♡

Berry Garden by _SZfuma

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